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Some of our recent advocacy achievements and impact are demonstrated through:

In Uganda:

• Success in influencing against the approval of the HIV/AIDS Prevention & control Bill HIV Prevention & AIDS Control criminalising HIV transmission in Uganda that will undermine women living with HIV’s access to care, treatment and support and sexual and reproductive health & rights and increase violence at all levels against them. The bill has not been passed despite several attempts for which ICW Eastern Africa intervened created pressure.

• Success in bringing awareness to the general public in Uganda about the Bill on HIV Prevention & AIDS Control that was going to be presented in parliament. This compelled the Parliament to transparency with the public. As a result a wider and open dialogue has taken place.

• Success in bringing out the gender issues within the Bill on HIV Prevention & AIDS Control. It was discussed as a Bill that would protect women to support its approval, while its implications will make women more vulnerable to HIV and human rights violations. It was a breakthrough to communicate these to members of Parliament and ensure that women living with HIV are now part of consultation meetings.

In Eastern Africa:

• First UNGASS Shadow Reports in Eastern Africa for TB/HIV.

• Established expertise in capacity building for advocacy.


In sub-Saharan Africa:

• Success in developing the capacity of women living with HIV in research, resources mobilisation, project development and management, project monitoring and evaluation, treatment literacy and basic science and advocacy.

• Success in developing a grant making model and unique process of learning for the Women & Families, that integrates the particular organisational challenges for women living with HIV’s organisations.

• Success in developing a community-based advocacy model for TB/HIV advocacy.

• First Donor Forum organised in partnership with ICW Southern Africa, bringing together women living with HIV and donors and UN agencies in both regions.



• Travel ban restrictions for people living with HIV suspended in USA, China and Namibia thanks to our involvement in the HIV related travel restrictions committee and in UNGASS 2008 planning and facilitation of spaces for women living with HIV.

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